Last Meeting Recap

MRC e-board members had a fun time getting to know the new e-board and also shared their insight on what their tasks are.


MRC members worked together on building a qualtrics survey for the non-profit organization, Loving One By One. 

MRC members skyped with Sherry Roberts, co-founder of Loving One by One, where they addressed what MRC can do to help their non-profit organization. 

MRC's member Colin Adamik, shared with MRC a non-profit organization that's looking into getting some market research done for their organization and would like the help of MRC members.

MRC hosted their 2017-2018 E-Board Elections where potential candidates gave a short speech and current e-board, future e-board, and paid members got to cast their votes for who they felt best fit each position. 

MRC had a special guest speaker from Riot Games present their insight on the market research world from the video game industry. Ms. Sepenzis shared how she worked up to her job at Riot Games and her passion for market research. 


MRC's president, Ana Huerta, presented a research analysis based on the survey results from the CPP RSCA event. MRC members were engaged and followed along as they learned how to analyze data using excel. 

MRC had a fun time kicking off Spring Quarter with an activity and announcements on what we have planned for the rest of the quarter. If you are interested in becoming a part of MRC Eboard please fill out our form "Apply for Eboard

Want to be on the e-board-.jpg

MRC members were excited to learn about the different eboard positions available for next year and get some one on one insight from the perspective of the current eboard. If you are interested in becoming a part of MRC Eboard please fill out our form "Apply for Eboard" by April 4 midnight! 

Career counselor, Cherrie Peters, gave MRC members lots of valuable information about resumes and cover letters, and MRC members were exposed to potential internship opportunities. 

MRC was proud to have Gavin Knapp return  to talk about his experience in market research as well as answer members' questions about important skills and challenges market researchers face on the job. 

MRC and AMA teamed up for a fun Valentine's Day social where we had pizza, candy, desserts and finished off with a laugh out loud game of Telestrations. 

MRC's VP of Marketing, Irisa, gave a workshop on SPSS where students were introduced the fundamentals of SPSS and learned how to apply them through a market research activity. 

MRC had a fun competition working in groups in order to create a questionnaire on brand awareness. Congratulations to Group 3 for creating the questionnaire that best demonstrated brand awareness! 

MRC's VP of Finance, Cindy, and VP of Communications, Sheryl, gave a hands on technical workshop on part two of our qualtrics series engaging all the members and sparking many interests. 

MRC's President, Ana, and VP of Marketing, Irisa, gave an introduction workshop to qualtrics where members gained fundamental marketing research skills. 

MRC kicked off winter quarter with a successful fresh start! We talked about upcoming events, future eboard positions, and did an icebreaker activity where we got to know a little bit about each other. 

MRC had a great time getting to know each other while watching a fun film. 

Mario Carrasco gave a great presentation on his experience working at ThinkNow Research talking about how market research applies to our lives and career opportunities. 

David Ramos MRC Meeting.jpg

MRC was proud to have CPP alumni David Ramos talk about his experience working for the Walt Disney Company and share with the members many career opportunities. 

MRC was presented valuable information about market research careers from Dr. Jung and Dr. Stein and were told how lucky they are for being a part of this growing field and club.

MRC had fun participating in a market research activity that involved getting to know each other. 

Dr. Ozkaya provided MRC with a wealth of valuable information about market research and how you can apply it towards a future career.

We had a great time at the Club Fair October 18 & 19 and recruited a bunch of new members but we always got room for more! 


MRC's Career Workshop was a success! Students got professional photos taken, resumes advised, and participated in mock interviews while having a little fun.