Market Research Academics

BSBA with Marketing Option: Emphasis in Market Research


Marketing research deals with the systematic generation and analysis of information for use in marketing problem‐solving and decision‐making. This growing field is exemplified by the presence of good‐paying jobs, the use of software‐aided analytical mathematical techniques, the application of the scientific method to find answers to marketing questions, and a continual search for a better understanding of human behavior in the marketplace. The marketing research career track is for students who plan to work as marketing research analysts, project research directors, statisticians, research account executives, or field research supervisors. Marketing research functions are performed by marketing research firms, advertising agencies, educational institutions, governmental entities, research departments in business firms, and a variety of non‐profit organizations.

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION / MARKETING MANAGEMENT OPTION                                            


IBM 301    Principles of Marketing Management 4

IBM 320    Marketing Analysis and Control 4

IBM 408    Marketing Research I 4

IBM 411    Buyer Behavior   4

IBM 414    International Marketing 4

IBM 421    Marketing Strategy (capstone for Marketing option) 4

Emphasis in Marketing Research 22 units

REQUIRED (must complete 8 units from this section)

IBM 409    Marketing Research II   4

IBM 499    Marketing Research Practicum (Capstone for emphasis) 4

RECOMMENDED (must complete at least 6 units from this section)

IBM 441    Internship in Marketing Research * 1‐4

IBM 400    Independence Study: Research Proposal Development 2

IBM 400    Independence Study: Data Collection and Report Writing 2

ANT 355    Psychological Anthropology (4) 4

STA 310    Sampling Theory and Applications (SP, Odd years) 4

ELECTIVE (must complete at least 8 units from this section)

IBM 306    Professional Selling 4

IBM 307    Promotional Strategies 4

IBM 326    Interactive Marketing 4

IBM 402    Product and Brand Management 4

ANT 390/390A    Methods in Anthropology 3/1

STA 432    Applied Regression Analysis (F, Odd years) 4

FRL 363    Business Forecasting and Financial Planning (F, W, SP) 4

STA 435    Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments (F, Even years) 4

Fundamentals of Marketing Research Certificate Program


Cal Poly Pomona’s one‐of‐a‐kind FMR Certificate program is the only professional certificate
program in market research available in Southern California. The FMR prepares students by
providing them with the necessary knowledge needed to work as a business/marketing analyst in
for‐profit and non‐for‐profit organizations. Students will learn through practical, hands‐on projects,
case studies and current textbook materials. Upon completion of the program, students will have
obtained tangible research skills that allow them to design surveys, collect and analyze data with
SPSS, and make recommendations.

Curriculum Courses

Marketing Research 1 – Research Design and Proposal
Marketing Research 2 – Proposal Execution and Report Writing

Minimum Admission Criteria

High school diploma
At least two years of professional work experience preferred

Benefits of FMR Certificate Program

  • Taught by faculty with doctorate degrees and a track record of publications and real‐world consulting experience
  • Face‐to‐face interactions with faculty and networking opportunities with peers
  • Fast completion (20 weeks in total)
  • Affordable; a fraction of the cost of a full‐blown program; government support may be available if qualified.

Who Should Consider FMR?

  • Early market research professionals who have an educational background outside of marketing (e.g., English, social sciences, humanities, and art)
  • Business professionals who have to perform research/analyzing tasks in their current jobs
  • Recent graduates who want to improve their marketability
  • Current non‐marketing undergraduate majors who want a career in market research
  • Market research professionals who want to prepare for the Professional Research Certificate test